Sandra studied a Fine Arts Degree in Barcelona, graduating as an Advanced Technician In Audiovisuals and Production.

During her studies she founded Violent Productions with some friends. She Directed and Edited a documentary called B-UNDERGROUND about the underground music scene in Barcelona. It was a complete success being selected for a lot of contests like IN-EDIT BEEFEATER and REC.

Sandra then went on to work as a storyboard artist at TV Flash (Barcelona) being promoted to Motion Graphic Designer, Composer in FX and Flame Assistant. Her experience includes working with many Studios and Production Companies such as Brutal Media (Barcelona), Amautalab (Argentina), and Tigrelab (Barcelona) to name a few.

Sandra has been with Big Buoy for four years now, she is a brilliant Lead Designer and Animation Director. She is incredibly creative, organised, and passionate about her work. During her time with at Big buoy Sandra has worked on brands such as; Google, Adidas, Jaguar, Capital One, Red Bull and giffgaff. Sandra also published several covers for magazines as an illustrator. She had been described as a chameleon, because she doesn’t have barriers as a creative person she adapts her style and the technique depends of the project.



Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona.
· Graduated as Advanced Technician in Audiovisuals Production from “Escola de Mitjans Audiovisuals de Barcelona”.


. Lead Designer, animation director (Big buoy, UK)
. Motion graphics  (Big buoy, UK)
. Motion graphics (Delta produccions)
· Motion graphics “Vipnet 360″ (Starporcasa)
· Graphics and composition ” Is someone there” (Txema Vega)
· Graphics and composition “HE by Mango Autumn 2011″ (Cinemacircus)
· Graphics and composition “Gaes” (Celofan Audiovisual)
· Graphics, Illustration and post production “ Tallers de la Pedrera” (Tigrelab)
· Graphics, post production and FX of “Dues dones divines” (TVFlash produccions and TV3)
· Composition and animation, Promo Yahoo Los Angeles (Amautalab)
· Graphics and composition: Adéu Espanya (Catalan Autonomous TV, TV3) (Brutal media)
· Graphic Design and Composition Assistant at TVFlash Produccions.
· La Tribu (Tele5)
· Batuka (Valemusic)
· Los Algos (Cuatro)
· Direction and editing (Violent Productions)
· Production and editing of the documentary B-Underground
· Production and editing (Astall Prod)
· Production and editing of the reports for the music show Badmusic ( Barcelona’s Local TV)